From consenting to water system installation and compliance, ECD can provide expertise and assistance throughout the process of establishing your water supply.


ECD are certified ECAN Bore Installers and as such are able to ascertain whether or not your property will require a resource consent to drill a well. In most cases a consent is not required. Please call us for a quick pre-drilling assessment of your property to establish any need for a consent. There are some restrictions on where a well can be sited which can be explained at a free on-site consultation. After the well is drilled, the details of the well are lodged with ECAN.

For irrigation wells a resource consent may not be required to drill the well but will be required to use or take the groundwater.


The team at ECD is very experienced in setting up complete pumping systems on lifestyle blocks according to your particular requirements. The systems will usually include a submersible pump, pressure pump system, holding tank and pump shed. Only brands of pumps with proven reliability are used. Generators are available to provide power on-site to fill the holding tank if the electrical connection has not been completed. The pump shed provides a solid weatherproof platform for the electrical switchboard and metering so that the power can be made available on a property before any other building work commences. When dealing with one company, the whole project can be completed safely, efficiently and with minimal stress.


ECD have been installing BBC submersible pumps in domestic wells in Canterbury for 25 years and these Italian pumps have proven their reliability and longevity. However, other brands can be sourced if required. Submersible pumps are installed on either galvanised riser pipe or Flexibore hosing depending on the depth and flow requirements.

Three crane trucks are available for the installation and removal of submersible pumps. We also have numerous loan pumps which can be installed temporarily in a well to provide an ongoing water supply while a pump is tested, repaired or replaced.


Pedrollo pressure pumps have been installed by ECD for many years because of their reliability, cost effectiveness and ease of maintenance. This brand offers a great range of pumping solutions for all requirements. ECD provides a 24-hour service of pumping systems and has various loan pumps available to keep you in water.


ECD supplies and installs Bailey Tanks in a range of sizes and colours to fulfil your water storage requirements. There are a number of reasons why it is recommended that your system includes a holding tank. There will be less wear and tear on your submersible pump and this will help maximise the lifespan of your pump. Also you will have a supply of water on-site in case of a power cut or in an emergency such as for fire-fighting.


ECD is able to supply and install a top quality pump shed at your property. These sheds have a number of extra features and are specially designed for easy installation of pipework and electrical cables. Features include:

  • Concrete pad
  • 1.55 x 1.55m size
  • Long-life galvsteel or colorsteel in a range of 10 colours
  • High headroom clearance (1.9m high)
  • Low maintenance
  • Hinged door
  • ‘Superdek’ profile high-tensile steel for strength and good appearance
  • Timber framing and bracing on back wall for extra strength and for mounting of electrical board
  • Extra bolts into concrete for wind-resistance


ECD has a fully equipped service van and is available after-hours for emergency pump problems. ECD prides itself on being able to respond to calls quickly and efficiently because we understand how important your water supply is to you. We can ensure that you are not without water for long because we have loan pumps and tanks available for use while your pump is being serviced.

Pump systems should be properly maintained to ensure good performance and long life. This includes checking that the submersible pump is operating efficiently and that the pressure pump maintains the correct pressure. Six-monthly pumping system checks can be scheduled which means that any developing problems are caught early, giving you peace of mind.


When a new well is drilled for domestic purposes on a lifestyle block, 1-3 water quality tests will be required, depending on the local council, to provide evidence of a potable water supply. The results of these will need to be submitted to the council for the final code of compliance for a new dwelling. ECD can make this process very easy for you by scheduling the tests, taking the samples, delivering them to the laboratory and emailing you the results.


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